It could even trigger a civil battle

Into the Defiant, that’s required by the Worf, the fresh Lakota crew hails and consult that ship shed the shields and you will prepare yourself to be boarded given that ship brings up protects and you will charges weapons.

Act Five

When you look at the Leyton’s office, Sisko attempts to encourage Leyton that other Federation planets cannot accept Starfleet overthrowing the lawfully decided on president or setting-up from exactly what commonly essentially feel an excellent dictatorship on earth. Obtaining Lakota flame towards the Defiant is the 1st step off you to black highway, but Leyton refuses to cancel your order.

Toward Defiant, brand new crew ask yourself should your Lakota crew is actually bluffing, although not, once they enter into weapons variety, he’s fired through to by the Excelsior-group watercraft. Master O’Brien notes that Lakota seemingly have had the guns current, and you can unwilling to chance losing shields to cloak and you will unsure it can also be outrun the fresh Lakota, the brand new crew’s only option will be to struggle its way out.

Leyton notes the fresh new paradox you to definitely Sisko had originally been significantly more curious when you look at the technology than he had been during the command, up to Leyton generated your earliest officer, but notes that he didn’t train Ben in the commitment. Sisko balks at this, impact Leyton is the last individual speak to your regarding commitment whenever he’s broken his oath to help you Starfleet and you can ordered you to definitely of the ships so you can flames to the various other.

Simply next, Benteen hails Leyton, and admiral, however during the phaser-point, answers. Benteen informs your they truly are incapable of avoid the Defiant owed so you’re able to the girl ablative armour (the newest stocking from which was not towards the listing in order to Starfleet surgery). Leyton amends his purchases therefore, the Defiant actually as handicapped, but missing no matter what. Benteen is surprised, and you will Sisko begs with her to not eliminate the Starfleet officials serving into the Defiant because the she understands there’s absolutely no Changelings to the board. Benteen ends up the new alert after Leyton reminds the lady out of this lady sales.

Both the Defiant as well as the Lakota were poorly broken, and you may an excellent strike out of possibly will finish the almost every other out of. This new Defiant crew are reluctant to play with deadly push contrary to the almost every other crew… plus it seems brand new Lakota crew feel the identical to this new motorboat backs away from and hails.

Sisko is called of the Worf, who informs him new Lakota are escorting the brand new Defiant to Earth, not, each other vessels sustained casualties. Sisko informs Leyton you to definitely chances are, Odo will get showed his facts to help you Jaresh-Inyo… their area is more than. Leyton nonetheless will not undertake that it, and you may informs Sisko they have enough dedicated officials leftover while making a combat from it. Sisko tells him he will become attacking Starfleet now also and you can Benteen, who had been their closest ally, has quit him therefore it will likely be just a point of day up until the someone else manage too. In the end taking he is been beaten, Leyton will be taking off his insignia pins and you may simply leaves their work environment to end up being detained, but expectations one Sisko isn’t really and work out an error.

The condition of crisis is in the near future lifted, and you will Earth reduced begins to go back to regular. Odo explains to any or all you may still find Changelings in the world, but no one is prepared to allow them to replace the means they live… if for example the Rule desires destroy Planet, they have to do so on their own. Thereupon, Ben and Jake say a happy goodbye to help you Joseph in accordance with Odo, initiate their excursion back to Deep space nine, if you’re Joseph following opens new restaurant and welcomes in the consumers just like the life production to normalcy on earth.

Memorable prices

“Admiral Leyton could be somewhat grating and you may inflexible every so often, but for men of their successes, a guy away from his well-known list, to going treason?” “I am aware the admiral will not see it because treason! He’d most likely protect it a hopeless operate out of patriotism.”

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